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Born in New Plymouth, New Zealand, Jordan's recognized as an Artistic All-Rounder. He's one of New Zealand's top, young painters, but is equally passionate about songwriting. He began playing guitar at the age of 10 and was writing lyrics and developing songs around the age 11. When he was 13, he recorded his first demo, an early version of "While You Were Sleeping." (This song is included on his Lazy Bones' debut album, Jordan Barnes.)

Numerous songs from Jordan’s debut album have been licensed by film and television including 5 of his songs placed on the Emmy Award winning show, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Jordan returns to Lazy Bones with his full-length, sophomore release, Theories, which was recorded in New Zealand and Australia and released in September 2017.

Jordan is endorsed by worldwide clothing company, RVCA, is a bad ass surfer and model. And as his Kiwi mates say..."chicks dig him."

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