Randy's path went from Throop, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to New York. In NY, he joined the band, Dogma. The group was soon signed to Mercury Records. After 4 years, 2 albums & much touring, Randy left NYC for a more peaceful setting - a lakeside cabin in the mountains of PA. There, he wrote, recorded and played all the instruments on his solo project, Randiddly. Experimenting with the Banjo, Dobro, Lap Steel, Bongos, Slide and Mandolin, Randiddly manages to combine modern rock with a country/folk/bluegrass sound. He hopes his songs feature a man who loves his craft.

Songs Licensed by:
ABC, Callaway Golf, CBS, CMT, Comedy Central, The History Channel, Honda, MGM, MTV, NBC, Oregon Tourism, Starbucks, VH1, Wal Mart, Yaukalt

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Randiddly AlbumBluegrass/Country/Americana

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Randiddly AlbumBluegrass/Country/Americana Vol. 2

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