About Lazy Bones Recordings

Lazy Bones Recordings is an indie record label and music publishing company founded by producer and songwriter/musician, Scott Schorr.  The company started out in Seattle and has operated in the Big Island of Hawaii, Oahu, New Zealand and our current location - Melbourne, Australia.

Lazy Bones’ focus has always been on real music, without falling into the trap of blindly following the latest trend.  Schorr produces the majority of the Lazy Bones' artist's recordings from the ground up; from all aspects of pre-production through the supervision of mixing.  

The label is also active in placing its artist’s music in film, television and advertising.  It was one of the earliest companies to establish the model of “Real Indie Bands/Real Music/One-Stop Licensing”; a niche in the industry that has now been copied by many others.  

In 2017, the majority of the Lazy Bones cataloged was purchased by BMG/Sony.  However, Lazy Bones’ retained its prestigious Progressive Rock recordings along with a few other titles.  Lazy Bones has been carefully rebuilding its catalog with new artists since that time.   The company also continues to produce and edit most of its artist’s music videos.



Scott has produced 30+ full length albums and numerous singles in the genres of rock, hip-hop, hard rock, singer/songwriter, electronica, rock/pop and acoustic rock.

Schorr has become a highly sought after Producer in Progressive Rock.  His productions featuring prominent artist's from that genre include: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Alan White (Yes, John Lennon), David Torn (David Bowie), Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson) and numerous projects with the legendary, Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson).  One of Lazy Bones’ latest releases, Borrego, features Alex Lifeson of Rush and Joe Satriani.  Scott is also the co-songwriter, producer, drummer and keyboardist of the duo, MFTJ, with Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Devin Townsend).

As a songwriter, Schorr’s music has been licensed by: NBC, CBS, ESPN, NBA, Dodge, MTV, Columbia Pictures, Nike, Disney, Chevrolet, HBO, T-Mobile, FOX, Warner Bros., Showtime & Ford.

Scott Schorr's Discography

ArtistAlbumGenreCreditInstruments Played
Ben BroussardBen BroussardAcoustic RockProducer, EngineerDrums & Percussion
Ben BroussardRenovatedAcoustic RockProducer, EngineerOrgan, Piano & Percussion
Alan CharingSeconds WestRoots RockProducer, EngineerDrums
HeadlandHeadlandAlternapopProducer, EngineerDrums
Headland2AlternapopProducer, EngineerDrums
HeadlandPerfect HumanAlternapopProducer, EngineerDrums
I Want My MommyI Want My MommyElectronica/ RockProducer, Arranger, Engineer, Co-SongwriterDrums & Percussion
I Want My MommyColic Electronica/ RockProducer, Arranger, Engineer, Co-SongwriterDrums, Percussion & Bass
IntersonicinterSonicElectronicExecutive Producer——-
Jordan BarnesJordan BarnesSinger/ SongwriterProducer, EngineerDrums
Jordan BarnesTheoriesSinger/ SongwriterProducer, EngineerDrums
Levin BrothersLevin BrothersJazzProducer——-
Tony LevinStick ManProgressive RockProducer, EngineerDrums & Percussion (3 tracks) & Keyboards (5 tracks)
Levin Minnemann RudessLevin Minnemann RudessProgressive RockProducer——-
Levin Minnemann RudessFrom The Law Offices OfProgressive RockProducer——-
Levin Torn WhiteLevin Torn WhiteProgressive RockProducer, Arranger, EngineerPiano & Keyboards
Andy LiottaMonday SongsSinger/ SongwriterProducer——-
Living In QuestionLiving In QuestionHard RockProducer, Engineer——-
Living In QuestionGreenHard RockProducer, Engineer——-
Living In QuestionRecipes & RemediesHard RockProducer——-
MackabellaMackabellaLush Rock/ PopProducer, Arranger, Engineer, Co-SongwriterDrums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards & Piano
MFTJMFTJRock/ ExperimentalProducer, Engineer, Arranger, Co-SongwriterDrums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards, Piano & Guitar
MFTJMy Mom’s Getting a HorseProgressive FunkProducer, Engineer, Arranger, Co-SongwriterDrums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards & Piano
Marco MinnemannEepsProgressive RockProducerGuitar, Bass & Keyboards (1 track)
Marco MinnemannCelebrationProgressive RockProducer——-
Marco MinnemannBorregoProgressive RockProducer, Remixer (1 track)——-
My Dog DickMy Dog DickSurf/Skate PunkProducer, ArrangerDrums & Keyboards
Neros RomeTogetherlyHard RockCo-Producer——-
Patsy ButterfieldPatsy Butterfield – EPPunk RockProducer, Engineer, Co-SongwriterDrums
Ratboy CutzVarious InstrumentalsHip-Hop & FunkProducer, Engineer, Arranger, SongwriterDrums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards, Piano & Guitar
Turntable BayNo SamplesHip-HopProducer, Engineer, Co-SongwriterDrums, Bass, Keyboards & Piano
Turntable BayUncle DickHip-HopProducer, Engineer, Co-SongwriterDrums, Bass, Keyboards & Piano
Michele Van KleefAfter AllSinger/ SongwriterProducer, Engineer, Co-Songwriter (6 tracks) Drums, Percussion, Keyboards & Piano
World Class SleepersWorld Class SleepersRock/ PopProducer, Engineer, Arranger, Co-SongwriterDrums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards & Piano
World Class SleepersHug Your PetRock/ PopProducer, Engineer, Arranger, Co-SongwriterDrums, Percussion, Keyboards & Piano